Inpatient Treatment Programs

This stage is comprised of our six-week inpatient treatment program. However, at Marshall Behavioral Health, we understand that we are treating individuals therefore we believe in flexibility – many clients stay for four weeks, and others stay longer than six weeks.

7 Day Introductory Program

In our 7 Day Introductory Program our professional and helpful staff will take you through this process and give you time to begin to recover your emotional, mental and physical strength.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Dual diagnosis’, means that someone has a Substance Use Disorder (SUD) that is present alongside other diagnosable mental health issues, like significant depression or anxiety. For some individuals, addiction may be the manifestation of underlying mental health issues

A World-class Addiction Treatment Program That Everyone Can Afford

Marshall Behavioral Health uses a mix of effective therapeutic methodologies for treating addiction at two centers staffed by full-time, internationally certified therapists. Marshall Behavioral Health is one of the world’s most affordable and cost-effective luxury rehabilitation solutions: a comparable level of care anywhere in the world can cost from three to six times more.

Our Treatment

Life Skills

Life skills that are necessary for living a sober life after treatment. Drug and alcohol abuse tends to effect communication skills.

Family Therapy

Drug and alcohol abuse are considered a family disease at ABT. Many recovering addicts develop life goals in treatment to mend the family relationships

Equine Therapy

Working with horses allows for our clients to understand how to interact with people once they have completed their treatment in a nonjudgmental environment.

Sober Living

Venturing out into the real world after treatment can feel intimidating. ABT provides our clients with transitional living once you complete our program.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

The backbone of many ABT treatment programs, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy focuses on the root of every addiction to ensure that the core of the problem is addressed.

Individualized Treatment

Individualized treatment is vital for individuals recovering from alcohol and/or drug addiction. Every person is different regardless of the substance being abused.


When drugs or alcohol have been your primary focus for years, your health and nutrition tend to suffer. Encouraging healthy eating habits, providing hands on cooking techniques

Strength & Yoga Therapy

Substance abuse takes a toll on the body by polluting your organs with toxins and deteriorating your muscle tissue. ABT encourages muscle building, strength training, and yoga therapy during treatment.

Marshall Behavioral Health Makes the Recovery Decision Easy

We understand that addiction is a cunning enemy and it has a way to affect many aspects of your life, this is why we use many different therapy models in our treatment of addiction. We want to get to the bottom of why our clients abuse substances. By using differing therapies, we are able to better understand where some of their desires to use come from and develop ways to help.

Risk Free

The backbone of many ABT treatment programs, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy focuses on the root of every addiction to ensure that the core of the problem is addressed.


From the first phone consultation, to your rehabilitation and sobriety, Marshall Behavioral Health makes your privacy our number one concern.


No one ever said that the journey into recovery would easy, but we have a promise. Complete our 90-day program and receive a 28-day tune up.

Giving Our Best, So You Can Get To Your Best

At our drug rehab center, we’re dedicated to providing our clients with the care they need. There are an innumerable numbers of ways that substance abuse can begin — as many different origins as there are individuals. We’re dedicated to providing our clients with the impeccable care they need to face substance abuse and handily dispatch it. Thanks to our years of experience providing addiction recovery treatment to a variety of individuals, we know what methods provide the best routes to recovery — and which clients will be best served by which treatments. Let us extend the benefit of our experience to you.

Mission Statement

When you enter our addiction recovery facility, one of the things you really need to keep in mind is how important it is to be honest throughout the process of recovery. You not only need to be honest with our staff, you also need to be honest with yourself.


We understand that for many clients, lying has simply become second nature, and we understand how this has come to pass. Addiction can force an individual to be dishonest with those around them in order to support their habit. Worse still, addiction can be so insidious that it convinces the individual that they aren’t even lying. Part of successful addiction recovery will be learning to accept the honest truth for yourself.


For some clients, privacy is a high priority. At our substance abuse treatment center, we understand this, and for that reason, we provide our clients with the confidence that their confidential information will never be revealed to a third party without the express permission of the client.


We understand that recovery can be a private affair for some clients, and for that reason, we maintain an environment that makes maintaining that privacy possible. We know that for some clients, maintaining their privacy is a priority of the highest order. For that reason, we ensure that our clients information is always kept in the strictest confidence.