About Us

Who We Are

At our drug rehab facility, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with the treatment that they need. We know that every client has their own needs, and in order to provide all of them with the effective care they need, we provide a variety of different recovery strategies. Whether you need a more traditional method of addiction recovery treatment, or if you require a cutting-edge strategy, we’re willing to provide you with the assistance you need, provided the treatment is evidence-based. No matter how you became entrenched in the challenges of addiction, we’re here to provide you with the treatment you deserve.

Our Approach


For applicable clients, we offer dual diagnosis mental health treatment.


This gives our clients an advantage by providing them with the best opportunity to achieve their recovery goals.


Dual diagnosis allows us to treat both the addiction and the co-occurring mental health disorder.


When a client has both an addiction and a co-occurring mental health disorder, we provide them with the best chance of overcoming their addiction through dual diagnosis.

Residential Treatment

This is because when a client has a co-occurring disorder but does not receive treatment for that disorder, they run the risk of relapse.

Outpatient Programs

This is because the symptoms of the untreated co-occurring disorder can re-emerge once the client has left our drug addiction treatment facility.

Day Schools

This is problematic because the client may then return to substance abuse in order to self-medicate the symptoms of the disorder.


  • Dual Diagnosis: Dual diagnosis mental health treatment, the specialists at our substance abuse treatment center can circumvent this issue and provide our clients with a better shot at attaining their recovery goals.
  • Recovery Plan: Once you’ve worked closely with one of our staff members to determine the shape of your addiction recovery plan, you’ll be ready to take part in the plethora of therapeutic options we provide at our substance abuse treatment facility.
  • Cocaine Addiction: Often referred to as the ‘rich man’s drug,’ cocaine is expensive. Once in the grip of cocaine addiction, your health and your finances begin to quickly slip away.
  • Crystal Meth Addiction: Crystal methamphetamine is the drug of choice amongst the youth. It is cheap, easy to get hold of and of course, highly addictive. This powerful stimulant destroys lives.
  • Prescription Medication Addiction: Prescription medication addiction is one of the most dismissed chemical dependencies. As the name implies, prescription medication is a drug that is regulated by law and requires a doctor’s prescription.

What We Treat

Mental Health

These include group therapy, where you and your peers in the drug rehab facility will meet to discuss your experiences and share your wisdom.


While you might find the idea of meeting with a group to be daunting at the moment, rest assured that may of our clients have felt this way when they first entered our drug addiction treatment facility.

Behavioral Addictions

However, many of them soon discover that group therapy becomes one of their favorite aspects of treatment.